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Designs We Like

We believe that inspiration can be found everywhere and by looking at other fields we can find examples of great designs that can bring new ideas for the digital marketing world. Here we have selected four designs that are the result of brilliant ideas that serve a great purpose.

1/ It is well known that Lego bricks are a great way for children to improve their creativity. Lego helps them to develop skills such as problem-solving, organization or planning by constructing with simple bricks. Braille Bricks is a project that takes a step further. With a Lego style, these bricks are designed to help blind kids to learn braille. This is a simple but an intelligent idea that not only allows blind children to learn to write and read but also it encourages the inclusion of every kid. There is more information here.Braille-Bricks

2/ Nowadays the virtual reality technology is getting more advanced to the point of crossing the boundaries in design. Recently, Google has launched the app Tilt Brush, which allows drawing and painting by using the space as canvas. In other words, you can walk around your painting and use virtual brushes, even smoke or light brushes. It is a revolutionary art tool that allows to experiment into a higher level. More information here.


3/ Two artists, mother and daughter, have inspired the new initiative that India is going to take to solve a serious problem of safety in the country. They are going to paint 3D illusions for pedestrian crossings. Hopefully this will make drivers to slow down the speed and, as a result, low down the high rate of killings by car that occur on the country’s roads every year. It is another example of a great design idea serving for a good cause. Via Citylab.


4/ Lastly, we love the vinyl covers designed by DSORDER for He-Art Recordings. The artist brings together the art of music and the art of painting by recording the music on the ink. The outcome is the materialisation of the music of every vinyl into unique and beautiful pieces of art. Visit the artist’s website to see more of his work.

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