How to find LinkedIn Influencers

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How to find LinkedIn Influencers

Promoting your content via social media is a powerful form of advertising. Unfortunately, an occasional post promoting your business is not enough. Even if you manage to get consistency and frequency of posting, you really need to have a distribution strategy to promote the content.

That is where influencers become crucial. Finding the right influencers is a great way of making your posts accessible to a larger audience that may be interested in your products or services. It helps to boost your credibility and built or maintain your good reputation as an expert in your domain.

There are tools that allow advertisers to search for Facebook or Twitter influencers such as Buzzsumo, Klout, FollowerWonk, Ninja Outreach etc. However, those tools do not contain an option for finding influencers in LinkedIn. As a more or less closed system, there is no magic wand for managing an influencer programme on the platform.

The influencers’ list on LinkedIn is quite limited and contains mainly top CEOs and individuals who trade on their expertise and personal reputation and have put the effort into creating great, valuable content over time.  However, when we talk about LinkedIn Influencers as part of your content distribution strategy, it’s not just these individuals that we target.  A distribution strategy goes beyond targeting official influencers.

You can still connect or follow people who share or publish content that is relevant to your business and who do not have the status of “influencers”. LinkedIn allows you to look for these individuals using the simple search option.  Enter the phrase that is of interest to you into the search box and then filter your search by posts. You can then see a list of posts that were published via LinkedIn and contain your search phrase. You can also find information on their authors and the number of posts they published in total. This will give you an idea on their LinkedIn activity and will help you decide if you wish to connect with them and recruit them as your influencers. Naturally, the higher number of posts attributed to an author, the more influential they will be to your business. In addition, you can filter your search by particular authors or date posted.

The next step is to look at ways that you can start introducing yourself to them.  Direct LinkedIn requests tend not to work. Instead review groups and the interests or the individuals and find ways of giving them value – comment on their posts preferably adding something interesting to the conversation, join groups they are members of and post content.  After you’ve started to build up a rapport then hopefully they will start helping you promote your content through commenting or sharing.

Another tactic is to invite them to comment on a subject as part of an article. They will be likely to promote this to their audience, the audience that you want to get in front of.

As with all content marketing – it’s really all about quality and consistency. If you want to identify and benefit from connections with influencers you need to understand that it requires an investment in expertise and time.

With the growing popularity of LinkedIn finding the right influencers become more and more crucial to your business.