The power of PPC compels you

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The power of PPC compels you

October, particularly the end of October is prime horror season, so before the sun rises on All Saints’ Day, allow Tandem to steer you away from the poltergeists of PPC.

Terrible Texts

Message Extensions were rolled out this month. This adds the ability to click-to-message much like the click-to-call extension. Not surprisingly, this is mobile only – and requires the ability to receive text messages.

Let’s say you are a purveyor of body parts, some sort of post-apocalyptic butcher. A zombie, searching for “brains near me” might click on such a click-to-message extension. The zombie’s phone will then open up a pre-written text message, “I’m interested in some brains. Please text me back with more information about where the brains are.”

Mmm, brains. Let’s hope there’s a sufficient supply.

Remarketing Rising from the grave

This month Google announced that Remarketing Lists for Search Ads can now last 540 days, i.e. 18 months. This means that it is much easier to target seasonal visitors. If you are “Cauldrons R Us” during the lead up to Halloween next year you will be able to target those witches who browsed your website in the lead up to Halloween this year – without using a lucky black cat.

Extending the lifespan of an RLSA over a year is a very helpful step from Google, especially when it means you can get your best hubble bubble deals and the latest toil and trouble cauldron technology out there and in front of those witches who are looking to make that all important purchase.

Make sure you have enough broomstick parking spaces.

Ad Customisers… of Doom

It’s difficult to give ads a real-time feel with manually making changes. Ad Customisers are a solution however. They allow you to dynamically insert text in to ads. This can be based on what people are searching for example “Hi Dave – the Demon is behind you”.

Alternatively, you can include helpful things like a countdown, for example, a line of text that says “Demon Possesses Your Soul in X days”. The value of X will then count down appropriately until your inevitable descent in to the fiery underworld for an eternity of thoroughly deserved pain and suffering.

Helpfully, the automatic updates don’t reset the ad’s performance data.

Make sure that the values that replace the customisers keep your headlines and description lines within character limits. Or face the wrath of the big G… Google that is.

Price Extensions on Elm Street

Price Extensions are a mobile only extension. They allow two lines of extra text with 25 characters each, pointing towards its own destination URL. The extensions display in neat rectangles under the main ad.

Depending on how specific your ads are, these extensions can show key information about individual products or services. You can have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8. Text must be neutral (and not promotional) in tone.

For example, the Elm Street General Store has a “Night-time Defence” campaign. The price extensions for this include:

  • door locks
  • crucifixes
  • caffeine pills
  • dream weapons

They also run a “Fun with Freddie” campaign, including the following price extensions:

  • striped jumpers
  • fedoras
  • sleeping pills
  • glove (single, blades included)

Currently this extension is only available in English language targeting and only appears for ads in position 1 on mobile. However, it seems probable that it will make the jump across to desktop at some stage. The more people believe in it, the more powerful it will become.

Don’t fall asleep.